Special applications


Zoppellaro in Padua, in addition to the creation of air conditioners for various uses, are also specialists in the production of systems that offer autonomous dehumidifying for swimming pools. These systems can be used with a variety of swimming pools, and incorporate a crossover recuperator and integrated air-to-air heat pump with flow rates ranging from 2,000 to 35,000 m3 / h. These DNA lines have been designed to air-condition environments that require a large amount of air re-circulation, taking full advantage of the cold storage circuit in cold mode and heat pumps.


The range of products from the DNA X POOL range offers high efficiency to meet thermo-hygrometric and air-to-air wellness needs in natural plants. They are highly efficient plants, thanks to a double recovery system of expelled air energy with cross flow recuperator and air-to-air heat pump. To this basic configuration, an additional plate exchanger can be added to recover energy and use it in the form of hot sanitary or heating the pool water. These systems are very flexible, made in different materials, according to customer specifications and are installed on-site. The basic configuration includes a 50 mm thick fully-in-heat and heat-injected structure with GWP insulation = 0, internal diaphragms in AISI 304; Wet parts in AISI 316, anodised shutters as well as recuperator and painted fans for specific use, a pre-installed hot-water valve with three-way valve completes the basic supply.
The advantages offered by DNA lines are:

1. Maximising efficiency and reducing energy expenditure,
2. Integrated adjustment that allows to quickly change the temperature, humidity and type of pressurisation,
3. Absolute comfort both in summer and winter,
4. Ease of hygiene, maintenance and accessibility to internal components,
5. Low noise values ​​outside the machine.

Special units: SO line

SO units are air treatment plants for specific use in operating rooms, and are available and adaptable for any surface size served. The main features of these plants are:
  • Prevent entry of pathogens and contaminants
  • Maximum air cleaning in the room
  • Easily sanitised and sterilisable
  • Simplicity of maintenance.
The variation in temperature, humidity and type of pressurisation can be carried out quickly through a simple display, and are also systems that offer low noise, but can be installed on delivery. They have recovery channels and mutable silencers suitable for hospital use, to further reduce noise in sensitive environments.

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